It is Empire’s Vibe wrapped up in a Deadlift Only Competition with all the trimmings of a Pro-Level Event, designed for our up + coming Athletes in both Powerlifting + Strongman!

Our vision is for Amateur Athletes at every level, to experience the BUZZ that comes with competing in the big-time + to get a taste for how exciting the Community that surrounds them, actually is.

Essentially – we want you to feel like you are there to put on a show + know what it feels like to be celebrated!

It’s a Deadlift Competition where anything goes – EXCEPT lock out is required + you can’t dump or drop the bar!

Cash Prizes are awarded to Category Winners: Juniors, Masters, Women + Men using DOTS. This means, the highest DOTS wins!


DEFCON-1 is a nod to the anything goes, hard + fast vibe with all the trimmings so we will be using a Powerlifting “Power Bar” + Goliath Calibrated Steel Weight Plates.

You will be lifting on our 3M x 3M Carpeted Lifting Platform with the BEST Loading + Spotting Team around, including a Tech Desk for your attempt submissions + 3 Referees.


In a Competition where “anything goes” we do need to have caveats to that (naturally).

What you are permitted to use in terms of equipment is as follows:

  • Deadlift Suits
  • Lifting Straps
  • Hitching + Lapping
  • Sumo or Conventional
  • Salts + Slaps

You are required to:

  • Wear at a minimum socks or foot coverings if not wearing shoes (for hygiene purposes)
  • Wear shin-high socks + something form-fitting so our Referees can see you + the Barbell
  • Lock OUT – Knees, Hips + Shoulders in an obvious Locked Out + controlled finished position
  • Strap yourself in (you may ask someone to give you salts, but strap in is the Competitor’s responsibility)
  • Weigh In + have the clothing + gear that you are competing in, inspected. If you have any questions about this, please email Killer @ Reception.


Soft Suits are not required – IYKYK! Wear something comfortable, if you have a Softsuit + want to wear it – FANTASTIC (it makes our Ref’s jobs easier if you do) but it’s no biggie if you don’t.

Don’t rock up in baggy pants + running sneakers as you will be asked to remove said clothing.


Registration is required by completing the form below + making payment via the link provided to you by our Operations Team.

DEFCON-1 requires a 2 Hours Weigh-In, which means, as the Competition kicks off at 3PM, you will be required to weigh in at 1PM at Empire that day.

We may elect to have 2 – 3 Flights / Sessions to accommodate all Competitors, so your weigh ins will be prioritised in order of the Lifting Schedule that will be emailed to you 2 weeks prior to the Competition.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The cost of your registration is pooled to provide Cash Prizes to the Category Winners.