Different Divisions – Weights to be lifted are from 1kg to 200kg. Please nominate your preferred Category below.

Squad Sessions will be made available in preparation for this Competition at ISF 67 Malabar Road Veresdale.

Our goal is to create a memorable experience for all walks of life to try their hand at the Sport we love so much!

That is also why we are requesting all Competitors start organising their Kilts!

If you have a Family Tartan that you would like to include in this competition – GREAT!

If you don’t, it’s as simple as heading down to spotlight + finding 1M of fabric that you could simply pin around your waist for the day. This can be as inexpensive + simple as you like!

It is also acceptable to wear tartan / Kilts without it being a part of your heritage. It is not cultural misappropriation by wearing one especially given the history of Highland Game participation, so please don’t worry about that + get your Kilt ready!

*Weights may be subject to change. In all cases this will be avoided unless absolutely necessary*

Registration Fees are non-refundable.

Waitlist Remains Open by emailing reception@theempirebodyshop.com 📧


Event rules (not including Juniors)

No Tacky or or Grip Adhesive is permitted for any Event – Chalk, Belts, Sleeves + Belts are Permitted

Kilts are required to be worn with a Shirt for all Events.

Harrow drag:

  • Chain to be up around cheat area
  • You must face forward
  • Penalty if you hit cone as you go around it
  • Time event over set distance

Tire over height:

  • You must face forward and use one hand only throwing from your side
  • If tire touches rope but goes over that’s ok if it doesn’t and falls back on your side you can throw again
  • No spinning around – no throwing backwards -no throwing front wards from between your legs
  • Timed event v tires cleared

Husafell carry:

  • Pick up from ground
  • Must carry in front of you against chest/stomach area
  • Drops ok
  • Set distance or max to be confirmed

Log toss:

  • log must be tossed forward caber style
  • log must be picked up caber style
  • try to get a flip it helps with distance
  • 3 throws and total distance altogether
  • Not timed event

Loading event:

  • implements loaded to drum
  • total timed event – no split timing
  • must load if it falls off before judges call you can reload
  • when finished hands in air to stop timer

Competition Non-Negotiables:

  • Competitors must treat all equipment with respect and care
  • The Judge’s decision is final
  • Any inappropriate behavior (including excess foul language) vou will be asked to leave
  • ISF + Empire reserve the right to change events at any time +/or your nominated class if we feel you need to go up or down to suit your capabilities.