The Empire Bodyshop's Free Active8 Community Zuu Bootcamp

Enlist in Empire's Free Community ZUU Bootcamps in partnership with Villa World's Killara Active8 Program! The Empire Bodyshop will be hosting FREE Family ZUU Bootcamps each Saturday at 7:30am - 8:30am at the Killara Adventure Park.
  • Empire's monthly ZUU Camps are held at the Killara Adventure Park on Buttata Street, off Killara Boulevard in Logan Reserve. (See below map for details)
  • If not applicable, please type "NA"
    (ticking yes to this question confirms you have doctor's permission to undertake the ZUU Camp)
    I warrant to The Empire Bodyshop that all information I have provided on this form is of a true and correct nature. I accept that I will not have any claim of any nature against The Empire Bodyshop for any illness, injury or adverse change in medical condition or state of health arising directly or indirectly from any program or advice provided by or carried out preparatory to or as part of any program I undertake whilst under the supervision or instruction of The Empire Bodyshop. Any rights granted to me by law which are not capable of change by agreement remained unaffected by the terms of this agreement. Any injury I may incur will be reported to a member of The Empire Bodyshop Team immediately for escalation to the Lead Coach so a determination can be made as to my ability to complete the bootcamp or not and I agree to adhere to the Trainers decision in this matter. I consent to the release and publishing of my image or video footage containing my participation with The Empire Bodyshop’s Coaches & Crew on public domains including social media, newsletter publications, website and email communications.