THE EMPIRE BODYSHOP will be hosting it’s inaugural EMPIRE UNCHAINED aligned to World Powerlifting Rules including Events:

  • Powerlifting
  • Push Pull
  • Bench Press Only
  • Deadlift Only
  • Equipped Powerlifting
  • Equipped Bench Press Only

8:00am Weigh in
9:00am Lifting commences

Emma Smith

The Empire Bodyshop
1 Logan River Road, Beenleigh 4207
Sunday 14th November from 9AM to 1PM

$99.99 per Competitor
$19.99 Per Coach

Once your booking is completed using Empire’s Gym Master Portal, The Empire Bodyshop Meet Director or Operations Manager will forward you the link to finalise your Event Registration.

Sunday 10th October or until Sold Out. No changes to weight classes can be made after this date.
Please note we will be following the World Powerlifting Rules and WADA Protocols.
This Competition will be run as an unsanctioned and un-affiliated event, however all Attire, Equipment, Scoring and Referee Standards will be maintained throughout. Competitors may be subject to Drug Testing before, on or after this Event.
The current rule book can be downloaded here: https://powerliftingaustralia.com/…/WP-RULES-2019.pdf

Trophies and medals will be presented at the conclusion of lifting on Sunday.
However, trophies and medals cannot be mailed out.
Please ensure the attendance of yourself or a representative at the presentation.

Spectator tickets will be free, however all Spectators must have their seat allocated by contacting reception@theempirebodyshop.com

Food and drinks will be available to purchase.


  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Each Competitor is permitted to have a maximum of One (1) Coach or Support Person in the warm-up area. Each Coach / Support Person must register their attendance.
  • Please select the Event you wish to Register for:
  • Please select the most suitable Category for your registration. No less than 2 weeks out, you will be contacted to confirm this Category. Weigh in on the day in final.
  • Please select the most suitable Category for your registration. No less than 2 weeks out, you will be contacted to confirm this Category. Weigh in on the day in final.
  • Please select the most suitable Category for your registration. No less than 2 weeks out, you will be contacted to confirm this Category.
    WAIVER RELEASE & INDEMNIFICATION In consideration of the acceptance of my participation in events with Jeriyah Projects Pty Ltd trading as The Empire Bodyshop (referred to herein as “The Empire Bodyshop”). 1. I waive all claims that I may have against The Empire Bodyshop, its officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees, agents and sponsors, or its executors, administrators, heirs, successors or assigns (the organisers), and release them from all claims for death, injury or damage arising out of my participation in their club, their event and its related activities, together with any costs, including legal fees. 2. I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers against damage arising out of my participation in the events and its related activities. 3. I agree to comply with all the rules, regulations and instructions of the organisers. 4. In the event of injury or illness during participation, I consent to receive medical treatment, which may be deemed advisable by the organisers. 5. I acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and equipment during all the events and activities. 6. I hereby permit the free use of my name and picture in any broadcasts, telecasts and the press including website as they pertain to The Empire Bodyshop their events and activities. 7. I understand that my entry fee is non-transferable and 20% is non-refundable. In the unlikely event that I can no longer participate in the Event I am registered for, I am responsible for notifying the Meet Directors no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the Event, in order to be refunded 80% of my Registration Fee. 8. I agree to have my personal details recorded and used by The Empire Bodyshop and related parties for further communications of future related events. As a participant, I agree to comply with Sport Integrity Australia Act and Regulations which includes submitting to drug testing by Sport Integrity Australia or any other The Empire Bodyshop Agency nominated by the Australian Sports Commission. I acknowledge that the above information will be stored on paper and electronically in The Empire Bodyshop Competition Register and that any information may be provided to relevant branches, Sport Integrity Australia, Directors of The Empire Bodyshop and other bodies or parties as necessary for participation and the maintenance of my membership to The Empire Bodyshop. Information will not be disclosed to any other person or party without my written permission. I may gain access to my information by contacting the Company Directors. Information supplied to The Empire Bodyshop is kept in a secure location. Drug Testing and Whereabouts 1. All Participants of The Empire Bodyshop Powerlifting Events under World Powerlifting (unaffiliated) are subject to and bound by the same level of Anti-Doping Policy seen before in alternate Federations, which includes in and out of competition testing by Sport Integrity Australia. 2. If an athlete suffers a medical condition that a doctor can only treat with a prohibited substance, he or she must apply for a TUE by submitting a TUE Form to ASDMAC. 3. If granted, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) provides an athlete with permission to use, for therapeutic purposes, a substance or method that would otherwise be prohibited. Please note that it is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the Rules and Regulations relating to prohibited substances. If in any doubt athletes should check directly with Sport Integrity Australia and ASDMAC as to the requirements in their circumstances. The Sport Integrity Australia information line is 1300 027 232 or look at “Check Your Substances” on the Sport Integrity Australia website 4. The Prohibited List specifies substances and methods prohibited in and out-of-competition. It is revised annually by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). The 2021 List becomes effective on 1 January 2020. It is available to view on the WADA website at http://www.wada-ama.org ------- Download a copy of The Empire Bodyshop's Anti-Doping Policy (PDF) -------- By submitting this form I agree to be bound by and comply with the terms of the Constitution & Regulations of The Empire Bodyshop, including but not limited to The Empire Bodyshop Anti-Doping Policy (as amended from time to time) as set out above.
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