The Empire Games Registration

    (ticking yes to this question confirms you have doctor's permission to undertake The Empire Games)
    PARTICIPATION INDEMNITY WAIVER I accept that I will not have any claim of any nature against The Empire Bodyshop for any illness, injury or adverse change in medical condition or state of health arising directly or indirectly from any program or advice provided by or carried out preparatory to or as part of any program I undertake whilst under the supervision or instruction of The Empire Bodyshop, it's Coaches or referral Health Practitioners. I understand and accept that whilst participating in The Empire Games, that I am responsible for my own safety + that of my teammates by communicating any essential information that may impact my participation. I also accept that if I observe acts or behavior that may pose risk to those around me, that I am responsible for reporting this to The Empire Bodyshop’s Lead Coach. Any rights granted to me by law which are not capable of change by agreement remained unaffected by the terms of this agreement. I agree to adhere to The Empire Games rules prescribed in my registration form and confirmation information, including but not limited to the confidentiality of Games’ Stages, Events, scheduling, methods, Team Participation (including your own) and any other information which may impact on Games Day fairness for all Teams. I understand and agree to this waiver wholeheartedly and will respect all Games participants by conducting myself in a respectful manner, represent my Team with the integrity they deserve and to be a part of a Fair Games Day that is enjoyable for everyone involved. If I am found to have behaved in a manner in which contravenes any part of this agreement, I understand that I or my Team may be disqualified for misconduct. CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT All Teams are prohibited from publishing their Individual and/or Team’s Game progress and/or results on any social media platform including text message and phone calls, information including; images and videos of Stages, Events, Lap Times, Weights or any other relevant information until The Empire Bodyshop Lead Coach has notified all Teams that they are authorised to do so. CONSENT TO VIDEO / IMAGE DOCUMENTATION I understand that The Empire Games will be filmed in video with photographic documentation throughout my participation. I consent to the release and publishing of my image or video footage containing my participation, taken for the purposes of marketing The Empire Bodyshop’s services on public domains including social media, newsletter publications, and website and email communications. I am also aware and agree that my name will not be directly affiliating with any publication without my prior consent.   CANCELLATION / CHANGE OF BOOKINGS Teams are able to replace members, each team member is still required to register and make payment separately for liability waiver reasons. All payments are non-refundable. In the event where an individual or Team has been identified to have contravened this agreement, I understand that The Empire Bodyshop Lead Coach may elect to disqualify me or my Team, in which my registration fee will remain as non-refundable. A “No-show” is simply when You do not turn up for Your appointment. If You don’t show up for an appointment, that appointment will be forfeited, and You will also be charged 100% of the service. It’s reasonable that You may be running late due to unforeseen circumstances. Your service may be cut short due to Your late arrival. TEAM START TIMES + EVENT SCORING All Teams once registered, will be sent their Empire Games start time by the Empire Lead Coach within 2 weeks of the Games’ commencement. Your Team will participate in each event, side by side, with 1 other Team of 4 until all Stages & Events are completed. All Teams will be allocated points per Event within each Stage of the Games. Each Games Stage comprises of 4 Stages encompassing 4 Events, Each Team is required to nominate 1 Team Member per Event only. The Empire Bodyshop will not disclose Events within each Stage until 2 weeks prior to Games Day commencement, however, the structure in which Events will be placed under each Stage, their scoring, duration, method or other relevant information will remain confidential until the Games Day. This provides a fair playing field for all Participants to encourage enhanced Team Work strategizing, opposed to Egocentric participation – Leave Your Egos Behind. A maximum of 1 Event per Stage is to be completed by a Single Team Member. I.E.; 1 Team Member cannot complete more than 1 Event per Stage, all Team Members must be allocated an Event each. Events will be scored across all Teams, with each Team’s Stage Scores tallied at the end of the Games Day. In the event of a Tie-Breaker, Teams who equal the same point score at the end of Games Day 1, will be invited back for the Unparalleled Tie Breaker Event for Poll Position.